What makes the short term financial pain of a remodel worth it is the long term financial gain.

You can expect to recoup at least 85% of your remodeling expenses, if you remain in your home at least 10 years.

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Sure it’s easy to get sticker shock – and a lot of people do – when they consider that a kitchen remodel, alone, costs more than $30,000. But consider this: kitchens, along with bathrooms, yield some of the highest R.O.I.’s

And, consider, too, the importance of the kitchen. It’s worth the investment, considering its role as a hangout,  homework, eating and entertainment center for so many families, in so many homes.

Know that your remodeling investment will pay off better with some projects than others.

In contrast to kitchens, your ROI will be minimal for such upgrades as sunroom additions and home office renovations. And adding a swimming pool may even prevent you from selling your home, since many buyers don’t want to mess with the safety and upkeep issues.

I can provide you more information on what kind of return on your remodeling investment that you can – and can’t – expect.

Register for Jeana’s Kitchen Conversation, a complimentary 45 minute, in-home consultation on how to update, upgrade and increase the usefulness of your kitchen.

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